Chorizo Mild, Sliced Elpozo (repacked)

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Chorizo is one of the most popular and highly consumed food products in Spain. It is an air-cured sausage (it can also be smoked) which is mainly made from minced pork. In Spain, for a chorizo to be considered as such, it must contain garlic and paprika (mild or hot), as this is what makes our chorizo different from that of other countries. It does not content preservatives.

– The shape of Spanish chorizo is similar to a sausage. It is common for both ends to be joined by a piece of string. Several smaller chorizos can also be strung together.
– It has a rough surface and the paprika gives it an intense red colour.
– Its aroma and flavour are intense and, at the same time, well-balanced, with a pleasant texture on the palate.
– It can be mild or spicy.