About Us

In May 2004, Gaurava Vatsa founded Foodsmith. Gaurava’s vision was built on his passion for fine foods and outlook as a first-generation entrepreneur. Our liking for fine foods has driven every aspect of the company’s development. From our foundation as a specialist in cheese, Foodsmith rapidly expanded its range of products, which included imported pork, duck, lamb, chicken, sea food and other speciality products. Foodsmith sourced products from all over the world.

We collaborate with companies from all over India for distribution of their imported lamb, duck, pork, chicken, cheese and other speciality products.

Foodsmith draws on a national and international network of suppliers who provide products to suit the individual requirements of the company’s steadily growing and varied list of customers.

Foodsmith is a preferred fine food partner for our illustrious list of customers, including fine dining restaurants, 5-star hotels and retail chains, which all are looking for quality and real value.

Our delivery system is on 0-0 or 0-1 day basis.

Call or WhatsApp us on: +91-93 508 40401