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Welcome to Foodsmith Deli
your online delicatessen shop based in New Delhi.
Enjoy carnivore delights
like Salami Milano, Iberico Fuets & more
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délicieux fromage
Welcome to Foodsmith Deli - your place for international cheese, mats and fish.

Welcome to Foodsmith Deli online delicatessen shop based in New Delhi, India.

At Foodsmith Deli you can order your favourite cheese, cold cuts, sausages and get them delivered at your doorstep.

We have carefully curated a delicious list of imported cheeses + speciality meats from around the world.

Foodsmith Deli is a unit of Foodsmith International Pvt. Ltd. (FIPL). FIPL is a Delhi-based company and has been supplying cheese, meats, cold cuts and seafood to 5-star hotels and high-end restaurants since 2004.

How we work

At Foodsmith Deli, we source big blocks of cheese and cold cuts and make smaller portions. We hygienically vacuum pack them. When you place an order we make a parcel containing your ordered items, add some dry ice to keep your cheese cool, wrap the parcel for Covid-protection and send it off to be delivered at your doorstep.